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No Decanting!® was created by Italian wine, food, spirits & cigar expert and
consultant Nicola Bodano, back in 2008.

No Decanting!® is founded on the scientific fact that wine is an organic product,
alive and subject to oxidation, no less than an apple, and its serving cannot be
considered without a food pairing.

The purpose of No Decanting!® is very practical: to maximize the hedonistic
pleasure of both wine in the glass and food on the table.
Each bottle is served at a given temperature and tasted along its oxidative curve,
together with a specific meal.

The mission of No Decanting!® is to dispel every false myth that makes wine
elitist and unreachable among consumers.

No Wine, of any kind or from any vintage, is meant to be decanted!

No Decanting!® is a revolutionary pro-consumer approach to wine and food
pairing and its principles apply also to spirits, cigars and pipe tobacco!

The know-how and marketing strategies of No Decanting!® can be tailored to the
needs of any private with a passion for wine, food, spirits & cigars, any professional
or company within the hospitality industry, and beyond.

More so, every No Decanting!® solution will always be unique.

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No Decanting!® is a registered trademark.

All No Decanting!®© logos, designs and website contents, strategies, techniques
and know-how are internationally protected by Trademark and Copyright Laws.
Their use and confidentiality will be covered by a non-disclosure agreement.
They will be available in full once a No Decanting!® license has been signed by
both parties or a specific No Decanting!® service has been purchased.

No elitism,
No budget limit!
Anyone can be part of the No Decanting!® experience!
A comprehensive guide
to the exclusive
No Decanting!®
tasting technique
will be found in
the upcoming book

Nicola Bodano
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