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No Decanting Ltd.
London, United Kingdom

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Corporate Solutions
A prestigious gift to an important client, a corporate business lunch, executive parties
or a commercial event: every service in No Decanting!® is designed solely around
your needs!

Wine and Food Industry
No Decanting!® provides professional advice and innovative solutions to producers,
agents, retailers and distributors of the wine and food industry: brand placement
studies, sensorial analyses on oenological and food products, promotional and
comparative tastings, interdisciplinary research and consulting to meet the specific
necessities of the business.

Your company can benefit from a FREE consultation in any of the above areas!

Restaurants and Hospitality Industry
If you have a wine-stock that is not selling, a restaurant menu to renew, a wine-list
to create…contact us today!
The marketing strategies of No Decanting!® will effectively increase the sales of any
enterprise in the hospitality industry, from local pubs and cafes to restaurant chains
and boutique wine-bars!

Wine Producers
Do you want to launch a new wine on the market?
Would you like to boost the sales of an existing label or increase the pairing
possibilities of your wine portfolio? 
Try it the No Decanting!® way!

Send a sample of your wine or call us today for a FREE consultation.

Professional Learning…in No Decanting!®
No Decanting!® offers Special Courses on sensorial analysis and Tailor-Made
Seminaries on wine&food pairing techniques to professionals within the community,
to chefs and to restaurant personnel, as well as Advanced Tutoring and Mentoring
for executive officers in the food&beverage industry.
No Decanting!® can create the perfect learning solution specific to your business
according to the practical No Decanting!® sales and marketing strategies.

Send us an e-mail today!

Licensing and Franchising
Do you want to embody the No Decanting!® experience and share it with your
Buy a License of use or become affiliated with No Decanting!®.
Anyone with a passion for wine and food, anywhere in the world, can be a bright
and sucessful NoDecantee!
We can actively help you in the recruiting, formation, pre-opening and start-up of
your enterprise, making your business grow sucessfully in the wine&food
No Decanting!® can turn your new or existing business into a profitable one!

Contact us  today for a FREE consultation!

No Decanting!® offers its exclusive know-how and its revolutionary techniques to
sole traders and companies worldwide wishing to maximize the hedonistic
pleasure of wine in the glass, and food on the table, for their customers.
Corporate Solutions
Wine and Food Industry
Restaurants and Hospitality Industry
Wine producers
Professional Learning... in No Decanting!
Licensing and Franchising
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