Pipe Tobacco

No Decanting Ltd.
London, United Kingdom


The Art of Pipe Smoking
How to pair Pipe Tobacco
with Wine, Food & Spirits
No Decanting!®

Part I: Pipe & Sparkling Wines
Part II: Pipe & Fortified Wines
Part III: Pipe & White Wines
Part IV: Pipe & Red Wines
Part V : Pipe & Spirits

This is a series of five educational tastings on how to smoke and successfully pair pipe
tobacco with wine, food & spirits.

Every course will be held online on ZOOM.

According to the No Decanting!® principles, an exclusively selected range of wines &
spirits will be served at a specific temperature and tasted along its oxidative curve, in
pairing to the smoking evolution of a designated number of Pipe Tobacco mixtures.

A tailored food pairing in No Decanting!® will elevate the smoking experience of the
participants and provide an ideal accompaniment both to the pipe bowls and the
selected wines & spirits.

The participants will be guided on how to correctly smoke their pipe through the
sensorial interplay between wine, spirits and tobacco, while instructed on the history,
composition, aromatic profile and pairing capability of the selected mixtures.

Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of personal experience.
The host will be pleased to teach the nearly forgotten art of pipe smoking to beginners,
amateurs and advanced smokers alike.


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