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Our Private Services in No Decanting!® are specifically intended to meet the needs of
any consumer wishing to maximize the hedonistic pleasure of wine in the glass
and food on the table! 
Wine&Food Pairing Solutions
Are you tired of buying the usual wines, suggested by the usual seller, and not being
able to pair them with your meals?
Are you fed-up of the common saying “to drink well you have to spend a lot”?
Would you like to expand your tasting possibilities being able to afford a great wine
at a great price and to even pair it successfully with your favourite meal?
No Decanting!® will assist you in choosing the best wine and the right food for any
kind of menu and any occasion or important event in your life.
Pairing a new bottle of wine to your daily meal or creating a fantastic dinner at
home won’t be a problem anymore for you.
Send us an email and get a No Decanting!® pairing solution today!

Vintage Wines Selection
Would you like a wine from a particular vintage year but you don’t know where to
buy it, how to serve it and what to pair with it?
No Decanting!® will help you find that special vintage bottle and will offer you the
possibility to celebrate an important occasion in your life with the wine of your
birth-year. It could also be an original present for your loved ones!
Send us an email with your request, we will reply to you within 24hrs!

Wine and Food Purchases
How about saving up to 78% on your daily wine and food purchases?
No Decanting!® can assist you in picking up the best wine&food options at your
favourite grocery store, at the local supermarket or at the online-shop of your choice.
For a nominal fee you can have your personal list of wines, especially crafted to
meet any menu, any meal and, most of all, any price-range you decide!

Private Cellars
Do you have a private cellar and would like to estimate the market value, the
conditions or the drinkability-window of your wine bottles?
Would you like to start building your own private collection of bottles at home,
virtually from scratch?
No Decanting!® has a unique solution to your needs.
Send us your request, your wishes will be our command!

Your Wedding Day with No Decanting!®
Wedding tables often witness pricy and unsound wines selections and sometimes
even worse food pairings. Would you like to have a wonderful Wedding Menu
tailored exclusively around your taste?
No Decanting!® is able to offer a better quality alternative to any "standard wine or
meal choice" currently proposed by wedding professionals on the market.
You can have a marvellous dinner with unique bottles…from aperitif to dessert,
within literally any price-budget!
No Decanting!® can turn that special day into a truly unforgettable one for you,
your spouse and, most of all, your hosts!
No Decanting!® will actively cooperate with wedding planners, agencies, resorts and
venues worldwide.

Contact us for a FREE consultation!

Private Learning…in No Decanting!®
Join our practical courses, tasting events and seminaries:

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Wine&Cigars…in No Decanting!®
Cooking in No Decanting!®
Spirits&Cigars…in No Decanting!®

Coming soon at a No Decanting!® location near you.
Check our Events section for more information!

Wine&Food Pairing Solutions
Vintage Wines Selection
Wine and Food purchases
Private Cellars
Your Wedding Day in No Decanting!
Private Learning... with No Decanting!
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